The Invisible Rainbow – Review by Jennifer Wood

Reprinted from Environmentalists Against War, May 19, 2018

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, by Arthur Firstenberg, is not only a marvelous opus. It is one of those once-in-a-millennium books that turn into classics.

Easy to read, hard to put down, sublimely poetic and scientifically rigorous, with a bibliography almost one-third the size of the book itself, this is a history of electricity which has never been told. It’s not only that it has been written from an environmental and biological point of view; nor that it’s mostly unspoken reverence for life is so understated that its power is hard to resist.

In the end, the power of this book lies in the meticulous care with which the author has done his research, corroborated his data and revealed his stunning findings.

We rediscover not only the ancient Chinese Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine but western doctors and scientists from the 1700s to the present day: what they’ve had to say about electricity, how it has been harnessed, and which direction it has taken in the west and in the east.

We meet Yuri Grigoriev, first assigned to research the biological effects of atomic weapons at the Institute of Biophysics in the former Soviet Union before going on to write a book about the dangers of microwave radiation from cell phone use; Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtalnd, three-time Prime Minister of Norway and former head of the World Health Organization who banned cell phones from her office for health reasons; and Dr. Samuel Milham, who showed that rural electrification caused a shocking increase in cancer rates during the 1950s.

In light of imminent plans to bring us all 5G cell phone technology on the ground and to launch thousands of satellites into space to provide wireless Internet on a global scale, The Invisible Rainbow could not have arrived at a better time.

Expecting to read about the groundbreaking work on the bioeffects of non-inonizing radiation by scientists like Martin Blank, author of Overpowered, I instead found new, comprehensive, and thoroughly documented information dating back to the 1700s.

Prior to 1889, for example, we learn that influenza epidemics occurred not annually but years or decades apart and were highly correlated with sunspots, and that the 1889 pandemic of influenza, which altered that pattern occurred in the exact year the widespread use of alternating current began.

“In that year exactly,” Firstenberg writes, “the natural magnetic activity of the earth began to be suppressed.” The earth’s magnetic field now bore, for the first time in history, the imprint of power line frequencies and their harmonics. The marvelous harnessing of electricity for humans had begun but it had a byproduct: certain precautionary measures could perhaps have been taken but were not. Each step in that development had important consequences.

I found the story of influenza particularly riveting. We go on to learn that in 1918, the radio era began, ushered in by the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic. The radar era, we learn, began in 1957 with the building of hundreds of powerful radar stations in the northern hemisphere “hurling millions of watts of microwave energy skyward;” low-frequency components of these waves rode on magnetic field lines to the southern hemisphere as well.

The radar era was ushered in by the Asian Flu pandemic of 1957. In 1968, we learn the satellite era began with the launch of dozens of satellites “with relatively weak broadcast power but since they were already up in the magnetosphere they had as big an effect on it as the small amount of radiation that had managed to enter it from sources on the ground.” The satellite era was ushered in by the 1968 Hong Kong Flu pandemic.

At the end of the twentieth century came the beginning of the wireless era and the establishment of the High Frequency Auroral Research Program (HAARP). Firstenberg describes the environmental effects of these two technological developments in depth. He brings together history, epidemiology, and cutting edge science, but he does much more. He goes to the heart of his subject, documenting the path that led to the public health crises we are facing today.

Brilliantly researched, The Invisible Rainbow explains why cancer, diabetes and heart disease rose from their previous rarity to become major killers of humanity, painting a vivid picture of what is happening at the cellular level in terms everyone can understand.

The author is uniquely situated to write such a book, perhaps by temperament, certainly by education, fate and circumstance. A top student whose medical career was cut short by injury from x-ray overdose, the author experienced firsthand, in the early 1980s, the effects of radiation poisoning, and experienced them again in 1996 with the advent of widespread commercial cell phone use. He was not alone. As he has carefully documented, millions of people were affected.

Firstenberg writes with a passion and tenacity that only a man with his particular background could summon. This is science at its best, supported by an untold personal story that few of us know or could imagine. That Firstenberg could write such a remarkable book under the appalling conditions in which he has lived for over three decades is astounding.

Rarely do we see such an unusual and integrated work of both art and science, augmented with tables, line graphs, historic etchings and contemporary photographs. Centuries of forgotten knowledge and the careers of important scientists — from Isaac Newton to Luigi Galvani to Albert Szent-Gyorgyi to Robert Becker — are woven into an unforgettable story.

The story of electricity and its previously ignored effects on humans, plants, animals and the earth’s magnetosphere open the door to a better, more informed future. Despite thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies, much of the population is presently unaware of this issue.

This book is an awakening: perhaps the equivalent to the Yellow Emperor’s Classic for our age of electricity. Buy the book and read it. You just might come to realize that your life and

The Invisible Rainbow – Review by Alasdair Philips

Reprinted from Caduceus, Issue 98, Spring 2018.

Almost 30 years ago, back in 1989 when I was running the electromagnetic hazard group of Electronics and Computing for Peace, Dr. Cyril Smith and Simon Best published the ground-breaking book, Electromagnetic Man: Health and Hazard in the Electrical Environment. It was the first comprehensive overview, pulling together a vast number of threads of different information about a wide range of natural phenomena, citing source references where possible. The main premise of the book was that the human body relies on internal electromagnetic systems and it would be surprising if people were not affected by electromagnetic fields.

In recent years there has been a plethora of books about EMF effects on health of very variable quality and usefulness. Some of the practical guides to reduce personal exposure are helpful, but none I have read came close to Electromagnetic Man as a ‘foundation primer’. With the publication of The Invisible Rainbow, that has now changed.

I am in awe of this new, 560-page, comprehensively referenced book by Arthur Firstenberg – it is a veritable mine of information about the history of the interactions of people and electricity (both natural and man-made) and the effects on their health and well-being right up to our current time. The author holds degrees in mathematics and medicine and is electrosensitive; thus, the text is written with knowledge and understanding.

Over the past 60 years I have been fascinated by electricity, electronics and radio. I already knew a great deal about the early history from Faraday onward. However, this book has been a mind-opening experience for me regarding human health and exposure to electromagnetic fields over time. It amazes me just how determinedly blind society has been about the already-known effects on life of electromagnetic field exposures. Commerce, trade and profit motives always seem to dominate decisions.

The book starts in Leyden around 1745 when it first found that electricity could be stored. That led to simple ‘electrotherapy’ machines that generally delivered an electric shock to the patient. The chapter contains a list of positive and negative effects of electricity as reported in the 18th century. Over 30 negative effects are reported and completely match agreed modern electrical hypersensitivity symptoms.

Electricity was also used, as a party trick, to charge up a woman standing on an insulating pad so that when she kissed someone on the ground, both people would receive pleasurable tingling sensations! Many doctors and ‘quacks’ started to use electric shocks to treat a wide range of conditions including pain relief, poor muscle tone, ‘female problems’, urination problems, etc.

They also started to report many adverse non-therapeutic effects such as fatigue, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, muscle and joint pains, nosebleeds, ringing in the ears, etc. In the late 1780s one experimenter, Sigaud de la Fond, declared: ‘There are people for whom electricity can be unfortunate and very harmful.’

Part One (“From the Beginning”) comprises the first 10 chapters and sets the effects of electromagnetic fields on people, animals, birds and plants into a very helpful, historical context and takes us up to about the 1920s. It includes a very challenging and controversial section that suggests that influenza outbreaks re triggered by solar storms (hence the original ‘influenza’ name) and now also by environmental, RF exposure changes. This accounts for outbreaks occurring almost simultaneously around the world. The claim is that apparently almost all of us have dormant influenza virus inside us and it is triggered by external environmental signals. The work done to test infection and contagion routes of transferring the disease to others has not shown how it spreads. Indeed, in a household of four people often only one or two will succumb to ‘flu’ during an outbreak.

The final seven chapters constitute Part Two (‘To the Present’). These include covering heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, longevity and ageing, hearing effects and recent developments in technology from vast satellite arrays, Internet of Things in our homes and workplaces, wireless chargers and induction hobs.

He concludes: ‘As awareness spreads, it will become acceptable to turn to your neighbor and ask them to turn off their cell phone or unplug their WiFi. And that will be the beginning of recognition that we have a problem.’

This is an important book. It is a well written, interestingly informative and enjoyable read.

Alasdair Philips is an engineer and scientist who has studies the effects of electromagnetic fields on life and health for over 40 years. He is Director of Powerwatch, Technical Director of EMFields Solutions Ltd and a Trustee of Children with Cancer UK (national charity).

Rainbow lorikeets dropping from the sky

RAINBOW LORIKEETS DROPPING FROM THE SKY and many other such reports from around the world

Last Wednesday, ABC News in Australia carried a story about hundreds of rainbow-colored parrots falling dead out of the sky along a swath of the east coast of that country centered on Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. In 2010, around the time the first 4G cell towers were being built, ornithologists described the first cases of a mysterious disease that paralyzed and killed these stunning creatures. During the summer of 2019-2020, when the first 5G towers went into service, 1,500 rainbow lorikeets rained out of the skies. And last week, when more than 200 dead lorikeets were collected in just a few days, it made headlines again.

This disease, which has been named Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome, has puzzled scientists. It is not encephalomyelitis, which was described in the 1970s as an uncommon disease in these birds that began with clenching of the feet progressing to complete rigid paralysis. The brains and spinal cords of such birds were abnormal, showing edema, cell death, degeneration of neurons, and other gross abnormalities. But birds with Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome are limp, not rigid, and have no visible abnormalities. In the past 14 years, ornithologists have been at a complete loss to explain it. Tests for all known pesticides and fungicides have come back negative, and scientists have ruled out infectious diseases. And the same syndrome is being seen in flying foxes. An article in the Australian Veterinary Journal states:

“Manifestations of this disease range from the inability to fly and hindlimb weakness and ataxia, to a flaccid paralysis of all limbs and the neck, inability to blink, paralysis of the tongue, inability to swallow and voice change. The number of cases each year ranges from hundreds to thousands, making it one of the most important wildlife diseases and animal welfare concerns in Australia.”

Muriel in the UK, who brought this to my attention, writes:

“What puzzles me is that people cannot see what is going on and they do not understand why these beautiful birds are dying. Even reading the symptoms will give you a clue!

“I observe wildlife here, the birds, the bees who come to my garden. The birds get confused, and the bees, I only have a handful in the Summer now. Quite a lot of cats have been lost where I live. Too many from December to January. I really think that cats are getting confused and are getting lost as a result.”

Reports from around the world (continued)

Persephone writes from California: “I’ve had a dozen free range farmyard chickens for the last 5 years, supplemented each summer with new chickens obligingly hatched by some of the members of the flock. Every winter until this one, their egg production would drop off, but only to about half the production of the rest of the year. This winter, they stopped laying completely, even the youngest hens. This happened in early November, and there have been no eggs since. Knowing that emfs negatively affect reproduction in many species, I wonder if the increasing emf smog has finally overcome their reproductive capacity completely in these colder months. Will they start laying again in spring? I don’t know.”

Steve writes from Ontario: “I too have noticed a decline of birds at my feeders. I live just east of Toronto on Lake Ontario. What can we do?”

Felicity writes from Australia:Our experience here in Mid North South Australia with the massive wind turbines is horrible. There are no bats left here, or eagles.”

Tapani writes from Finland: “It is my observation that mosquitoes and other insects have decreased dramatically in the tropical countries. I have been working in the tropics since 1986. Until recently, I always carried two mosquito nets with me and used them always wherever I slept, at home, and in hotels. Also in Finland in summer. It was the most important item in my bag.

“Now I hardly need my mosquito nets. I just returned from the Philippines where I didn’t have to use them at all. In the Mindoro jungle island there were some mosquitoes outside at night but not many. The same is true in other tropical countries where I recently visited, Singapore, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica. The last time I used my nets was in remote Eastern Finland last summer because there were flies in the house.

“Insects, birds, and frogs have almost disappeared. The green movement doesn’t talk about the obvious reason.”

Ron writes from Australia: “Years ago I had what I hope was a precognizant dream. EVERYTHING was turned off and it felt like a whole body orgasm, so intense it woke me up, like a sense of release, I knew exactly what it was and my senses stretched out into the surrounding forest like there had been a magnet ready to plug me back into nature and I knew there was an antichinus nesting under the floor, a snake slithering down the hill about 50 meters away. I miss the birds and insects and the sound of a healthy forest so much, I am sure it will take off again if we just stop. It isn’t too late yet.

Davidina writes from England: ”I am 84 years old. I have always been a keen lover of Wildlife and in particular Butterflies and Birds. For the past 5 or 6 years, ever since a 5G mast was erected nearby, my husband and I have noticed with great alarm that there is a huge decrease in ALL Insects, Butterflies and Birds. In fact, we saw virtually NONE of any of these creatures during the past 12 months, and the numbers of these have been VERY few for at least the past two or three years. I am very, very sad at what has happened. The world is not the same place that I grew up in


Dal 9 all’11 febbraio 2024, sciatori di fama mondiale provenienti da tutto il mondo si riuniranno a Lake Placid, New York, per saltare da un ripetitore.

Un collega mi ha segnalato questo orrore. Tra poche settimane si terrà a Lake Placid un evento di Coppa del Mondo di salto con gli sci FIS, ospitato dall’Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA). Lei e sua figlia hanno visitato il luogo come turisti la scorsa settimana. Ha scattato la foto qui sopra della torre dopo averla scalata. Scrive:

“Mentre stavamo arrivando in cima alle scale interne per i turisti (dopo l’ascensore) presso il complesso olimpico di salto con gli sci a Lake Placid, NY, improvvisamente mi sono sentita di svenire e di avere le vertigini e ho iniziato a perdere l’equilibrio. Ho chiesto a mia figlia di aggrapparsi a me, mentre io mi aggrappavo alla ringhiera. Mi sono tirata verso l’alto fino al gradino più alto, ma quando sono arrivata al piano del “pianerottolo” – prima di qualsiasi parte di vedetta – improvvisamente mi sono sentita come se la mia testa fosse in una morsa – una sensazione strana e nuova per me, che non assomigliava a nessun mal di testa che avessi mai avuto in vita mia, con entrambi i lati della testa che si sentivano come se fossero premuti verso l’interno, e con forza. Poi, quando sono uscita, ho provato un’altra sensazione decisamente nuova, nel petto, come se il mio cuore fosse scosso vigorosamente su e giù, velocemente e con forza. A quel punto ho alzato lo sguardo e ho visto un enorme fascio di antenne che sembrava trovarsi a circa 9 metri sopra e a sinistra della mia testa.

“Rimasi stordito mentre avanzavo verso il punto in cima alla pista da sci, dove i saltatori si “lanciano”. Quando finalmente siamo scesi al livello successivo per prendere la “Zip Line” per i turisti e scendere in fondo alla pista da sci, ho sentito un enorme sollievo nel mio corpo. Ma sono rimasto inorridito dal fatto che qui presto gareggeranno e salteranno atleti di tutto il mondo, con la necessità di massima concentrazione ed equilibrio”.

Nel 1999 c’erano tre antenne sulla torre del trampolino da sci, alta 277,9 piedi, e nel corso degli anni ne sono state aggiunte e potenziate altre due dozzine. Il danno è aumentato nel 2021, quando Verizon e T-Mobile hanno aggiunto altre antenne, è aumentato ancora nel 2022, quando AT&T ne ha aggiunte altre, ed è aumentato ancora il 9 dicembre 2023, quando Verizon ha aggiornato alcune delle sue antenne in vista dell’imminente evento della Coppa del Mondo. Ora ci sono tre livelli di antenne a pannello che circondano la torre del trampolino da sci su tre lati, oltre a una mezza dozzina di antenne a frusta in cima. Quando gli sciatori si trovano in cima alla pista da sci, se guardano in alto possono vedere, a circa 30 metri sopra di loro, il livello superiore di antenne per cellulari sulla parte anteriore della torre e le antenne a frusta sulla parte superiore. Non possono vedere le antenne dei cellulari sul retro, né le due file di antenne più basse su ciascun lato, alcune delle quali si trovano allo stesso livello della loro posizione.

Quando uno sciatore si siede sulla barra da cui si lancerà, viene irradiato direttamente dall’alto sia dalle antenne a pannello che da quelle a frusta, e questa radiazione rimbalza sulla neve riflettente sotto di lui mentre scia lungo la pista prima del salto, quadruplicando la radiazione a causa delle riflessioni. E questo non è nemmeno il problema principale. Il danno causato dalle radiazioni non è solo dovuto al loro livello di potenza, ma anche alla loro larghezza di banda e al numero di segnali in cui si è immersi. Le antenne di questa torre per il salto con gli sci trasmetteranno centinaia o migliaia di segnali contemporaneamente durante l’evento di Coppa del Mondo, quando ogni spettatore utilizzerà il proprio telefono cellulare.

ORDA, FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski et de Snowboard) e gli sciatori che intendono recarsi a Lake Placid per partecipare alla Coppa del Mondo di salto con gli sci di febbraio devono essere avvertiti che questa torre per il salto con gli sci è un gigantesco ripetitore molto pericoloso per gli atleti.

Il numero di telefono dell’Olympic Jumping Complex di ORDA è (518) 302-5919. L’indirizzo e-mail della FIS è e il numero di telefono in Svizzera è +41 (0)33 244 6161. Il presidente della FIS, Johan Eliasch, è un miliardario, un appassionato sciatore e un vero ambientalista. Ha fondato il Rainforest Trust, che ha acquistato 37 milioni di ettari di foresta pluviale in tutto il mondo per impedirne il disboscamento. È co-fondatore e co-presidente di Cool Earth, che fornisce denaro direttamente alle popolazioni delle foreste pluviali per proteggere sia loro che le foreste vitali in cui vivono. Dovrebbe essere istruito sulle radiazioni a radiofrequenza e su ciò che esse fanno agli atleti, alle persone in generale e al nostro mondo. Può essere contattato sul suo sito web personale, qui:

Sono graditi suggerimenti su come pubblicizzare l’accaduto e sfruttare questa opportunità per educare il pubblico sui danni alla salute e all’ambiente della tecnologia wireless.

Ecco come appare l’intero complesso del salto con gli sci:

Arthur Firstenberg Presidente della Task Force per i telefoni cellulari Autore, La Tempesta Invisibile / The Invisible Rainbow): Una storia di elettricità e vita Casella postale 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 STATI UNITI D’AMERICA telefono: +1 505-471-0129 18 2024 gennaio

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World Cup Radiation Event

On February 9-11, 2024, world-class skiers from around the globe will gather at Lake Placid, New York for the purpose of jumping off a cell tower.

A colleague alerted me to this horror. There will be an FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Event at Lake Placid in a few weeks, hosted by the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA). She and her daughter visited the location as tourists last week. She took the above photograph of the tower after they had climbed it. She writes:

“As we were getting to the top of the tourists’ indoor stairs (after the elevator ride) at the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex in Lake Placid, NY, I suddenly felt faint and dizzy, and began to lose my balance. So I asked my daughter to hang onto me, as I gripped the railing. I pulled myself upward to the top step, but as I got to the ‘landing’ floor — before any lookout part — I suddenly felt as if my head were in a vise — a strange new feeling for me, not like any headache I had ever had in my life, with both sides of my head feeling as if they were being pressed inward, and hard. Then, when I walked outside, I felt another distinctly new feeling — in my chest — as if my heart were being vigorously shaken up and down, fast and hard. That is when I looked up and saw a huge bundle of antennas that seemed to be about 30 feet directly above and to the left of my head.

“I remained dizzy as I forged forward to the place at the top of the ski slope, where the ski jumpers ‘launch.’ When we finally went down to the next level to take the tourists’ ‘Zip Line’ ride down to the bottom of the ski slope I felt a tremendous relief in my body. But I remained horrified that this is where athletes from all over the world will soon compete and jump off, with the need for supreme focus and balance.”

There were three antennas on the 277.9-foot-tall ski-jump tower in 1999, and two dozen more antennas have been added and upgraded over the years. The harm increased in 2021 when Verizon and T-Mobile added more antennas, increased again in 2022 when AT&T added more, and increased again on December 9, 2023 when Verizon upgraded some of its antennas in preparation for the upcoming World Cup Event. There are now three tiers of panel antennas surrounding the ski jump tower on three sides, as well as half a dozen whip antennas on top. When skiers are at the top of the ski slope, if they look up they can see, about 30 feet above them, the top tier of cell phone antennas on the front of the tower, and the whip antennas on the top. They cannot see the cell phone antennas in back, or the two tiers of lower cell phone antennas on each side, some of which are at the same level as where they are standing.

When a skier sits on the bar from which he or she will launch, he or she is irradiated directly from above by both panel and whip antennas, and that radiation bounces off the reflective snow beneath him or her while skiing down the slope prior to jumping, which quadruples the radiation because of the reflections. And that is not even the main problem. The harm done by the radiation is caused not only by its power level but by its bandwidth and the number of signals you are bathed in. The antennas on this ski jump tower will be broadcasting hundreds or thousands of signals simultaneously during the World Cup Event when every spectator will be using his or her cell phone.

ORDA, FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski et de Snowboard), and the skiers who are planning to come to Lake Placid to compete in February’s World Cup ski jumping event should be warned that this ski jump tower is a mammoth cell tower that is very dangerous to athletes.

The phone number of ORDA’s Olympic Jumping Complex is (518) 302-5919. The email address for FIS is and their phone number in Switzerland is +41 (0)33 244 6161. The President of FIS, Johan Eliasch, is a billionaire, an avid skier, and a true environmentalist. He founded the Rainforest Trust, which has purchased 37 million acres of rainforest throughout the world to keep them from being logged. He is the co-founder and co-chair of Cool Earth, which gives cash directly to rainforest peoples to protect both them and the life-giving forests that they live in. He should be educated about RF radiation and what it is doing to athletes, people in general, and our world. He can be contacted on his personal website, here:

Suggestions are welcome as to how to publicize this and use this opportunity to educate the public about the harm to health and environment of wireless technology.

This is what the whole ski jumping complex looks like:

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA phone: +1 505-471-0129 January 18, 2024

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More reports from around the world


The reports continue to come in from around the world. The billions of mobile devices and the 9,000 satellites are rapidly replacing the bugs, birds and beasts of the Earth.

Patricia writes from Missouri: “I have been living in rural southwest Missouri for the last 25 years without a mobile phone. When I bought my home in 2005, the soil on the lot was extremely poor and very compacted from having been driven over with riding mowers for many years. I wanted to bring it back and turn my whole yard into a ‘food forest’. I started by sowing clover and cultivating the dandelions instead of trying to get rid of them as so many people do. After the clover started to blossom, I noticed it was being visited by thousands of bumblebees. I had so many hummingbirds that three feeders were needed to keep them from fighting for access. Mosquitoes were almost non-existent around my area.

“At night I could see hundreds of bats flying around, and in spring the yard and whole area was filled with the peeping of little green tree frogs. They would perch along the rim of my swimming pool and lay their eggs in the water. (Note, the town does not chlorinate the water supply and I do not chlorinate the pool.) Every morning I would check the pool for their eggs and move them to a small pool that I set up just for the frogs, where I would feed the tadpoles and change the water as needed (keeping the tadpoles in buckets during the changes).

“After I had been living here for six years, the first cell tower was erected at the edge of town. Over the next few years, more towers went up, until the whole area was saturated with RF radiation. The town also used a federal grant to change all the electric meters to electronic ones and do away with the analog meters. Each year since, the number of bumblebees seemed to shrink by half, even though I still have the clover and dandelions. During the past 4-5 years, I could count the number of bumblebees on one hand. The last two years I’ve seen only one or two per YEAR. The hummingbirds are totally gone. I used to find their nests in the fall when thinning.

“Worst of all is the complete annihilation of the tree frogs. Even friends who live out in the sticks and have ponds on their property have noticed the recent “silent spring” phenomenon. Speaking of silent springs: It used to be nearly impossible to sleep past dawn with the windows open in spring, summer and fall here due to the enormous numbers of songbirds that produced a daily morning and evening symphony. Their numbers have declined to the point where I have to actively listen for them in order to hear them at all.

“I could go on about the diminished numbers of butterflies, crickets, praying mantises, spiders and earthworms I’ve observed. The declines are not limited to the smaller critters; there used to always be cottontail rabbits in the yard, and I haven’t seen one of them in recent years. I have lost more pets to cancer since 2010 than I care to count. There aren’t even any mice anymore! My personal health has declined severely as well. At the same time there have been notable increases in the numbers of mosquitoes, chiggers and ticks — to the point where it is miserable spending a few minutes outside.”

Birds and spiders eat ticks and chiggers. Birds and bats eat mosquitoes. So mosquitoes, chiggers and ticks, being hardy, multiply when their predators are gone. But not for long:

Marie writes from Sweden: “Even the ticks are gone in some areas.”

Daniel writes from Los Angeles: “I hardly see any moths anymore.”

Sonya writes from Surrey, England: “Last year I only had two large flies in the house and both died within a few hours. When I was a teenager in the Midlands during the 1950s, I couldn’t open my bedroom window during the hot summers because there were banks of midges swarming under the eaves; even here in Surrey five years or so ago, there used to be a few midges around inside the house during a hot evening. I saw none last year.”

Renee write from the UK: “For the last 3 years, we’ve seen fewer and fewer bees, butterflies and other pollinators. This last growing season we saw only a few bees or butterflies — hardly any insects at all!”

Robert writes from Austria: “I worked for 30 years in a large hospital in Vienna. There I worked with the air conditioning systems. They were very large and had correspondingly large filters. When I first worked there in the ‘90s, we had to sweep up all sorts of flies under the external filters. A 110 liter plastic bag was pretty much full. 30 years later there are only a few hand shovels full (approximately 20 liters) to sweep up. The continuous decline of insects has really shocked me.

The e-radiation decimates the insects so much. It is the worst massacre in the world. It finally has to stop.”

Marianna writes from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: “There are new 5G cell phone antennas put onto an apartment house here with a giant crane. It’s a room of antennas on two buildings near me and I am suffering!

“There are very few songbirds or robins, no skylarks, no sparrows, fewer ducks and Barrow’s goldeneyes, fewer crows, etc. Also, there have been no flowers on bushes or fruit produced as in the past. I have watched a fig tree produce fruit in 2022 only to see the fruit harden and shrivel at harvest time as all the leaves cascaded to the ground at once. This year I watched again and actually got a few handfuls of figs but watched the majority shrivel



Il 19 dicembre 2023, sulla rivista New Phytologist, (Il Nuovo Fitologo), dei ricercatori francesi hanno pubblicato uno studio su un altro aspetto del declino della vita sulla Terra. Le popolazioni di api e di altri impollinatori sono diminuite a tal punto che le piante da fiore che necessitavano di insetti per riprodursi in modo efficiente si sono evolute in meno di 25 anni per diventare migliori autoimpollinatori e per non aver bisogno di insetti per riprodursi.

Le viole del pensiero provenienti da semi raccolti alla fine degli anni ’90 e all’inizio del 2000 sono state coltivate accanto a viole del pensiero provenienti da semi raccolti nel 2021. I tassi di autoimpollinazione erano del 27% più alti nelle piante cresciute dai semi più recenti. I fiori erano più piccoli. I petali erano più corti. I labelli – le piattaforme di atterraggio che attirano gli insetti – erano più piccoli. Il tempo di fioritura era più breve. Si apriva un minor numero di fiori al giorno. Gli speroni nettariferi erano più corti, c’erano meno guide nettarifere e i fiori producevano meno nettare. Un numero maggiore di bombi ha visitato i fiori cresciuti dai vecchi semi rispetto a quelli cresciuti dai nuovi semi.

Gli autori hanno messo in guardia dagli effetti a cascata sulle popolazioni di insetti: “Queste diminuzioni nella produzione di nettare possono rafforzare il declino degli impollinatori se i livelli di nettare scendono al di sotto di quelli necessari per sostenere le popolazioni di api selvatiche. I cambiamenti ambientali possono quindi rappresentare una doppia minaccia per le popolazioni di impollinatori, che diventano vittime sia dei cambiamenti stessi sia dell’evoluzione dei tratti delle piante”.

Gli autori hanno messo in guardia dagli effetti a cascata sulle popolazioni di insetti: “Queste diminuzioni nella produzione di nettare possono rafforzare il declino degli impollinatori se i livelli di nettare scendono al di sotto di quelli necessari per sostenere le popolazioni di api selvatiche. I cambiamenti ambientali possono quindi rappresentare una doppia minaccia per le popolazioni di impollinatori, che diventano vittime sia dei cambiamenti stessi che dell’evoluzione dei caratteri delle piante”.

Gli autori hanno elencato solo l’inquinamento, la distruzione dell’habitat e le specie aliene come cause del collasso degli impollinatori. Ho inviato agli autori una lettera, con link a revisioni della letteratura, per informarli che le radiazioni RF sono la causa principale del declino degli insetti. Li ho invitati a unirsi alla coalizione di scienziati, organizzazioni e individui che stiamo formando per affrontare l’emergenza globale delle radiazioni.


Jean scrive dal Queensland, Australia: “Vivo in un villaggio per anziani e quest’anno ho notato meno insetti rispetto al passato. Raramente vedo un’ape”.

Leroi scrive dalla Francia: “Anche qui il numero di insetti e uccelli è diminuito notevolmente (di 2/3), mentre il 5G non è ancora stato installato…! Il numero di nascite di animali ed esseri umani disabili è in aumento dagli anni ’90, inizio della diffusione dell’uso del computer”.

Chrisleine scrive dall’Andalusia, in Spagna: “Molti dei sintomi che descrivi si avvertono anche qui: quasi niente uccelli; niente colombe. Quest’anno nemmeno un’ape nel mio giardino”.

Emma scrive dal Sudafrica: “La prima torre 5G è stata installata nel 2019, a 50 metri da me. Nel giro di pochi giorni ho avuto una polmonite fungina. Un paio di settimane dopo ho avuto palpitazioni che non si fermavano. E adesso… animali domestici malati, perdita di insetti, io sono ancora più malata. C’è anche un’epidemia di “influenza aviaria” e di influenza dei conigli (sì, proprio così!). Ci sono molti uccelli morti, ma l’intera popolazione di conigli è morta nella zona di Kyalami. Prego per la liberazione di questo pianeta dalle radiazioni”.

Tammy scrive dal New Brunswick, Canada: “Le torri cellulari hanno ucciso tutti gli uccelli e gli insetti a Kings Place, dove lavoravo. Avevamo un problema di uccelli, che nidificavano sui tetti, ma ora non più. Tutti gli uccelli sono spariti. Non rimango più all’interno delle aree urbane perché ora sono tossiche per le frequenze microonde. Per questo motivo, sto andando avanti da 4 anni senza l’inalatore per l’asma, senza farmaci per le allergie, senza vaccini, e non ho avuto nessun raffreddore, nessuna influenza, nessun COVID, niente. È fantastico. Una vita a bassi campi elettromagnetici è una vita più sana. Punto. Gli Amish hanno sempre avuto ragione”.

Doug scrive da North Hollywood, California: “Ho notato meno uccelli nel mio quartiere. Prima ne sentivamo molti al mattino. Ora non ne sento quasi più”.

Charles scrive dall’Himalaya: “Vivo in un ashram remoto e le cose andavano bene con la fauna selvatica, anche il 2G era fattibile, ma quando il 2G è passato al 4G, la decimazione delle popolazioni di uccelli e insetti è stata notata sia dagli abitanti del villaggio che dagli abitanti dell’ashram, ma come dici tu, tutti sono troppo occupati ad ascoltare la musica per fare davvero qualcosa al riguardo”.

Karl scrive dalla Germania: “Sono 74 e un professionista IT. Ho osservato per 20 anni come le gru attraversano la nostra casa ogni autunno durante il loro volo verso sud. Ora c’è una grande torre di trasmissione a circa 20 chilometri di distanza con un collegamento radio che passa direttamente davanti casa nostra. Se gli uccelli migratori entrano in questa zona, la loro navigazione è alla fine. Non sanno cosa fare e finiscono qui sul prato. Molte volte, in qualche modo sono riusciti a trovare la loro strada più tardi o il giorno successivo.

“Quest’anno, poiché la rete radio qui, come ovunque, è stato notevolmente ampliato con 5G, tra le altre cose, un certo numero di uccelli sono finiti qui di nuovo. Ma per tutto il giorno ho potuto osservare stormi che si giravano e volavano indietro, perché non riuscivano a trovare la loro strada! Gli uccelli sbarcati sono ancora qui da un paio di settimane e probabilmente svernano qui se sopravvivono, in quanto è in realtà troppo freddo qui e

Our Changing Earth


On December 19, 2023, in the journal New Phytologist, French researchers published a study on yet another aspect of the decline of life on Earth. The populations of bees and other pollinators have declined so much that flowering plants that required insects in order to reproduce efficiently have evolved in less than 25 years to become better self-pollinators and to not need insects to reproduce.

Field pansies from seeds collected in the late 1990s and early 2000s were grown next to pansies from seeds collected in 2021. Self-pollination rates were 27% higher in the plants grown from the newer seeds. The flowers were smaller. The petals were shorter. The labella — the landing platforms that attract insects — were smaller. The flowering time was shorter. Fewer flowers opened per day. The nectar spurs were shorter, there were fewer nectar guides, and the flowers produced less nectar. More bumblebees visited the flowers that grew from the old seeds than from the new seeds.

The authors warned of cascading effects on insect populations: “These decreases in nectar production may then reinforce pollinator declines if nectar levels fall below those necessary to sustain wild bee populations. Environmental changes may thus present a double jeopardy to pollinator populations, as they become victims of both the changes themselves and of plant trait evolution.”

The authors listed only pollution, habitat destruction, and alien species as causes of pollinator collapse. I have sent the authors a letter, with links to literature reviews, informing them that RF radiation is the biggest cause of insect decline. I have invited them to join the coalition of scientists, organizations and individuals that we are forming to address the global radiation emergency.

More reports from around the world of bird and insect declines, etc.

Jean writes from Queensland, Australia: “I live in a retirement village and I have noticed fewer insects this year than before. I rarely see a bee.”

Leroi writes from France: “Here too the number of insects and birds has dropped significantly (by 2/3), while 5G has not yet been installed…! The number of births of disabled animals and human beings has been increasing since the 1990s, the beginning of widespread computer use.”

Chrisleine writes from Andalusia in Spain: “Many of the symptoms you describe are felt here too: almost no more birds; no doves. This year not a single bee in my garden.”

Emma writes from South Africa: “The first 5G tower was put up in 2019, 50 meters from me. Within a few days I had fungal pneumonia. A couple of weeks after that I had palpitations that wouldn’t stop. Roll on to now… sick pets, loss of insects, I am more sick. There is also a “bird flu” and rabbit flu outbreak (yeah right!). Lots of dead birds but the entire rabbit population is dead in the Kyalami area. I pray for the release of this planet from the radiation.”

Tammy writes from New Brunswick, Canada: “Cell towers killed all the birds and insects at Kings Place where I use to work. We used to have a bird problem there, nested in the rooftops, but not anymore. All the birds are gone. I no longer stay inside of urban areas because they are microwave toxic now. And as such, I am going on 4 years without any asthma puffers, allergy meds, no vaccines, and I have had zero colds, flus, COVID, nothing. It’s great. A low EMF life is a healthier life. Period. The Amish were right all along.”

Doug writes from North Hollywood, California: “I have noticed fewer birds in my neighborhood. We used to hear a lot of them here in the morning. Now I hardly hear any.”

Charles writes from the Himalayas: “I live at a remote ashram and things were fine with the wildlife, even 2G was doable but when 2G jumped to 4G, decimation of the bird and insect populations was noticed by the villagers and the ashramites alike, but as you say, everyone is too busy listening to the music to actually do anything about it.”

Karl writes from Germany: “I am 74 and an IT professional. I have observed for 20 years how the cranes cross over our house every autumn on their flight south. Now there is a large transmission tower about 20 kilometers away with a radio link that goes directly past our house. If the migratory birds come into this area, their navigation is at an end. They don’t know what to do and end up here on the meadow. Many times, they somehow managed to find their way further later or the next day.

“This year, as the radio network here, like everywhere else, has now been significantly expanded with 5G, among other things, a number of birds ended up here again. But all day long I was able to observe flocks that turned around and flew their way back, because they couldn’t find their way any further! The landed birds have still been here for a few weeks and will probably overwinter here if they survive, as it is actually too cold here and there is hardly enough food available.”

Linda writes from Tucson, Arizona: “A cell tower was installed 1,000 feet from my home. I didn’t even know it was there because it was hidden by trees. ALL insects except beetles and box elder bugs dropped by 1/3. They did not recover, year after year. 10 years later, smart electric meters were installed. Populations of ALL insects declined by half and have kept dropping year after year. Even the beetles are gone.”

Pieter writes from the Netherlands: “The beech hedge in front of our house gets the full radiation of a telecom tower at 300 meters distance on which two telecom companies send their radiation to us (thus apparently sending us the double portion). This cell tower was built in December 2020. Gradually the beech



Immaginate un mondo in cui tutti siano convinti di puntare alla testa una pistola musicale che spara un flusso continuo di minuscoli proiettili, così piccoli da non provocare alcun dolore. Ma ogni proiettile distruggeva le cellule cerebrali nel suo percorso attraverso il cranio. Immaginatevi milioni di torri-pistola che sorvolano la superficie della terra 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, con proiettili simili, facendo divertire la gente e distruggendo al contempo ogni forma di vita.

Tutte le piante e gli animali si ammalavano e morivano, e gli esseri umani si ammalavano e avevano ictus e attacchi di cuore, ma poiché i proiettili erano così piccoli, pochi si rendevano conto del perché. I biologi delle piante attribuirono la colpa del declino alle piogge acide. Gli ornitologi davano la colpa all’influenza. Gli entomologi davano la colpa ai cambiamenti climatici e ai pesticidi. I medici davano la colpa alla dieta, alla mancanza di esercizio fisico e a un elenco sempre più lungo di batteri e virus.

E qua e là, poche persone gridavano: BASTA! BUTTATE VIA LE ARMI! ABBATTETE LE TORRI DEI CANNONI! DISATTIVATE I SATELLITI CHE STANNO SORVOLANDO LA TERRA! Ma poiché tutti erano impegnati ad ascoltare la musica, non prestavano attenzione. E le persone che urlavano, che erano anche malate e stavano avendo ictus e attacchi di cuore, andarono dai loro medici che, invece di lanciare un allarme mondiale, dissero ai loro pazienti “Dovete essere sensibili alle armi” e diedero loro tranquillanti e antidepressivi in modo che se ne andassero e smettessero di urlare.


Questo è il mondo in cui viviamo oggi.

“L’Ipersensibilità elettromagnetica” (EHS) è un termine che permette ai medici di fingere che l’elettricità sia innocua e che le radiazioni non feriscano i loro pazienti. Permette alle persone che hanno scoperto di poter sentire l’elettricità e le radiazioni di fingere che ci sia qualcosa di sbagliato in loro e che tutti gli altri non lo sentano. Permette agli ambientalisti di fingere che la scomparsa di uccelli e animali selvatici e il collasso dei sistemi di supporto alla vita della Terra siano dovuti a qualcos’altro. E permette alle persone che usano i cellulari di fingere di non sentire le radiazioni e che la loro insonnia, i mal di testa, i dolori articolari, i problemi digestivi, gli attacchi di panico, la perdita di memoria, gli acufeni, l’epistassi, la pressione alta, l’insufficienza cardiaca, i problemi neurologici e il diabete siano causati da qualcos’altro.

È autunno inoltrato qui a Santa Fe.

Ed è autunno inoltrato nella vita della Terra. Dobbiamo evitare che l’inverno arrivi, perché altrimenti non ci sarà primavera. Dipende da tutti noi.

Arthur Firstenberg Presidente della Task Force per i telefoni cellulari Autore, La Tempesta Invisibile / The Invisible Rainbow): Una storia di elettricità e vita Casella postale 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 STATI UNITI D’AMERICA telefono: +1 505-471-0129 12 dicembre 2023

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An Autumn's Tale


Imagine a world in which everyone was convinced to point a musical gun at their head, which shot a continuous stream of tiny bullets, so small that they caused no pain. But every bullet destroyed brain cells on its way through the skull. Imagine millions of gun towers strafing the surface of the earth 24/7 with similar bullets, entertaining the people while destroying all life.

And all the plants and animals were sickening and dying, and the humans were sick and having strokes and heart attacks, but because the bullets were so tiny, few people realized why. Plant biologists blamed the decline on acid rain. Ornithologists blamed influenza. Entomologists blamed climate change and pesticides. The medical profession blamed diet and lack of exercise, and an ever-expanding list of bacteria and viruses.

And here and there, a very few people were screaming, STOP! THROW AWAY YOUR GUNS! TAKE DOWN THE GUN TOWERS! DISABLE THE SATELLITES THAT ARE STRAFING THE EARTH! But because everyone was busy listening to the music, they paid no attention. And the people screaming, who were also sick and having strokes and heart attacks, went to their doctors who, instead of sounding a worldwide alarm, told their patients “You must be gun sensitive” and gave them tranquilizers and antidepressants so they would go away and stop screaming.

And so these people concluded there must be something wrong with them. They formed support groups for people with gun sensitivity, and asked the rest of the world to please take pity on them and stop shooting them. And when there was no place left in the world that was not being strafed, they pleaded with their governments to please establish refuges where they could live out their lives free from bullets. But no one took them seriously.


That is the world we live in today.

“Electromagnetic hypersensitivity” (EHS) is a term that allows doctors to pretend that electricity is harmless, and that radiation does not injure their patients. It allows people who have discovered they can feel electricity and radiation to pretend that there is something wrong with them and that everyone else does not feel it. It allows environmentalists to pretend that the vanishing of birds and wildlife and the collapse of the Earth’s life support systems are due to something else. And it allows people who use cell phones to pretend they do not feel the radiation and that their insomnia, headaches, joint pains, digestive problems, panic attacks, memory loss, tinnitus, nosebleeds, high blood pressure, heart failure, neurological problems, and diabetes are caused by something else.

It is late autumn here in Santa Fe.

And it is late autumn in the life of the Earth. We must prevent winter from coming, for there will be no spring if it does. It is up to all of us.

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA phone: +1 505-471-0129 December 12, 2023

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Lo studio dell’elettricità deve essere riportato alla biologia e alla medicina. La comunicazione personale senza fili deve essere eliminata perché le radiazioni che trasportano tutti i messaggi stanno distruggendo la vita sulla Terra. I telefoni cellulari devono essere sostituiti con telefoni fissi, il WiFi sostituito con cavi ethernet e altri dispositivi di consumo senza fili con dispositivi collegati con fili e cavi. Le antenne e i tralicci della telefonia mobile devono essere gradualmente eliminati e rimossi. La tecnologia wireless deve essere rimossa dai veicoli. I contatori intelligenti devono essere sostituiti da contatori analogici. I contatori intelligenti devono essere sostituiti da contatori analogici. Le autostrade intelligenti (smart city), le città intelligenti (smart city) e l’Internet delle cose devono cessare di essere sviluppati e distribuiti. Le stazioni radar devono essere limitate in numero, posizione e potenza. I forni radar (a microonde) non devono essere utilizzati per riscaldare gli alimenti. È necessario redigere un trattato internazionale sull’elettrosmog, che affronti le radiazioni sulla terraferma, negli oceani e nello spazio. INTRODUZIONE

L’elettrosmog è l’insieme dei campi elettrici, dei campi magnetici e delle radiazioni elettromagnetiche che ci investono 24 ore su 24, 7 giorni su 7, da tutti i dispositivi elettrici ed elettronici, dai cavi elettrici, dalle linee elettriche e dai dispositivi e dalle antenne wireless. Nella comunicazione via cavo, le informazioni vengono trasmesse attraverso i fili e i campi elettromagnetici (CEM) e le radiazioni sono involontari. Un’ingegneria appropriata può ridurre al minimo questi campi e radiazioni indesiderate.

Nella comunicazione wireless, invece, le radiazioni sono il prodotto. Le radiazioni sostituiscono i fili nella trasmissione delle informazioni. Senza fili significa radiazioni. La possibilità di utilizzare un dispositivo mobile ovunque sulla terra significa che ogni metro quadrato della terra deve essere irradiato in ogni momento. I dispositivi mobili operano nello spettro delle microonde, con il risultato che l’intero pianeta sta ora nuotando in un mare di radiazioni a microonde che sono da milioni a miliardi di volte più forti delle radiazioni del sole e delle stelle con cui la vita si è evoluta (1).

La vita si basa non solo sulla chimica, ma soprattutto sull’elettricità (2, 3). Il flusso libero di elettroni è essenziale per il funzionamento dei nostri nervi, del cuore e del metabolismo (3). Le interferenze con queste correnti elettriche causano malattie neurologiche, cardiopatie, malattie metaboliche come il diabete e il cancro (4). Gli organismi con tassi metabolici molto elevati, come le api e altri insetti, stanno scomparendo (5, 6).Migliaia di studi documentano gli effetti devastanti delle radiazioni wireless su mammiferi, uccelli, insetti, anfibi e foreste (7).

Poiché i CEM non sono una sostanza estranea agli esseri viventi, non si applica un modello tossicologico e non esiste una risposta alla dose: ridurre la potenza non riduce l’effetto. Anche un segnale quasi immensamente debole può interferire con il normale funzionamento biologico (8). “Mentre il concetto di dose rate/SAR è adeguato per la descrizione degli effetti termici acuti, non è applicabile per le esposizioni croniche a M[icro]vasi termici”. (9). Anche a livelli di potenza prossimi allo zero, è stato riscontrato che le radiazioni a microonde modificano la struttura del DNA (10) e alterano le onde cerebrali (11). Alcuni studi hanno persino rilevato una risposta inversa alla dose. Quando la potenza delle radiazioni viene ridotta di 1000 volte, i danni alla barriera emato-encefalica aumentano. (12). Da una revisione di 113 studi è emerso che le radiazioni di minore potenza tendevano a causare i maggiori danni ecologici (5). In un’altra revisione di 108 studi sperimentali, un livello di esposizione più basso tendeva ad avere un effetto biologico maggiore, e la differenza era altamente significativa (p < 0,001) (13).

I danni causati alla nostra salute e al nostro mondo dai dispositivi wireless e dalle loro infrastrutture sono dovuti non solo alle frequenze portanti delle microonde, ma anche alla modulazione e agli impulsi a bassa frequenza che trasportano le informazioni trasmesse. “La modulazione può quindi essere considerata come un contenuto informativo incorporato nell’onda portante a più alta frequenza che può avere conseguenze sulla salute al di là di qualsiasi effetto prodotto direttamente dall’onda portante” (14). Indipendentemente dall’onda portante, la modulazione è la stessa perché deve trasportare le stesse informazioni. Pertanto, l’utilizzo della luce come onda portante, come avviene per le brevi distanze con il LiFi, o del suono come onda portante, come avviene negli oceani, non riduce i danni.

La scoperta che una sola esposizione di due ore a un telefono cellulare nel corso della vita, anche quando la potenza del telefono era ridotta di 100 volte, ha causato danni cerebrali permanenti in giovani ratti (15) rende probabile che stiamo crescendo, e forse abbiamo già cresciuto, una generazione di bambini con danni cerebrali. Non c’è dubbio che questa situazione debba cessare e che i telefoni cellulari non siano sicuri a nessun livello di potenza, a nessuna

Dogs, cats, birds, and Maui









                         Cat with radio transmitter

In response to my last newsletter, “Don’t irradiate the birds!,” readers have sent me accounts from far and wide of what has been happening not only to the insects, birds, plants, etc., but also to their pets from being irradiated. I have also discovered more information about the birds of Maui — information that makes the case for radiation killing the birds, and not malaria, even more compelling.


The bird in my last newsletter called WILD1 — the one who disabled his radio transmitter less than a day after his release into the forest — was seen, alive and very healthy, on July 23, 2021, 632 days after being released! This was reported in the Honolulu Star Advertiser and in The Maui News. Here is my updated newsletter, amended accordingly:


Sidnee from California writes:

“A cat appeared one day with a tracking device on a harness. I wrapped the device in aluminum foil and taped a note on the back, telling whoever was the owner that he or she was harming his cat with that device. I included my phone number. A man called me and we chatted. Turns out the cat lived in the house behind me. I told him that the wireless radiation would be making his cat sick, but he didn’t care. His response? ‘He’s an expensive cat and he likes to wander. I need to know where he goes.’

“The Tile Tracker works with Bluetooth. I measured the RFR [radio frequency radiation]. It ranged from the hundreds of thousands to 2.5 million μW/m2. And the cat wore this all the time. He was so skinny, hyperactive and aggressive toward my own sweet orange kitty.”

The neighbor’s cat, like some of the birds on Maui, kept managing to remove his transmitter. The owner put a different transmitter on him, this time made by Apple. Sidnee continues:

“Good news. Since the cat kept losing the trackers, the owner has finally given up and the cat has no more devices on his harness! What a different cat! He is mellow, sweet and gets along great with my orange kitty, who is 17 years old.”

Stacy in the Netherlands tells what she has observed in nature, in her cats, and in herself, since the advent of 5G: 

“I have seen a kill-off of insects since 5G has been rolled out. I had 3 ant nests in my house and balcony, they are all dead now and I didn’t do anything. Also my plants on my balcony have not been visited by bees or any insects for that matter.

“Also lots of plants did poorly, the tops of the plants looked like they had been irradiated from the sky, the leaves clumped together, turned and died.

“I have also noted that in the evening I wake up feeling like I have been choked, my mouth and throat completely dried, my lips parched and I can drink a lot of water but it leaves my body very rapidly. I also suffer from a lot of hair loss as do my cats, they have bald patches and I buy them the best of food I can find. I have never had cats with bald patches before, they say it’s old age but it’s not true. I have it with both cats, a male and a female.

“I also notice food does not taste the same any more. I always loved fruit but it has lost its lustre. It also looks withered, less yummie/eat me. It’s like the light has gone out of things and a darkness has entered and for the first time in my life I am worried to the bone and scared.”

Richard in Houston reports a drastic decline in both birds and insects: 

“In Houston this year almost all the birds are gone. There used to be hundreds of doves, this year I have seen ONE. The only other birds I have seen are some blue jays which I feed daily and a hawk which preys upon them. I have fed birds for many years and always had a host of them. This year only the squirrels and rats are eating the bird food. The sky is almost empty of birds.

“The bees have disappeared as well. From hundreds last year to one or two this year.

“The lives of birds and Earth are way more important than the ‘convenience’ of deadly cell phones.”


Robyn from Colorado alerted me to smart bird feeders, which several companies are now marketing. She writes: 

“I noticed an advertisement today from our local hardware store for a Smart Feeder made by Feit Electric. This device sends pictures of the birds at a feeder directly to someone’s phone. I couldn’t help but think about how dangerous this exposure might be to birds who come for birdseed. Or maybe in their infinite intelligence, they don’t come near it.”

Here are pictures of three different companies’ smart feeders:


Mary from Guffey, Colorado, who has an animal sanctuary at 9,000 feet in the Rockies, tells a story very similar to the one Mark Broomhall told UNESCO (see previous newsletter). A deterioration in the health of all the animals has accompanied each advance in wireless communication. A cell tower provided the first cell phone service in that remote location 10 years ago. The tower was upgraded about 2 years ago. And most people in Guffey got a Starlink satellite dish this past summer. “Just about everyone in Guffey has one”, says Mary. She wrote the following on November 6:

“I live at 9000 feet in Guffey, Colorado. Have for 24 years. Starting

Don't irradiate the birds!


In mid-October 2019, the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project (MFBRP), in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the State of Hawai’i, The Nature Conservancy, the American Bird Conservancy, Pacific Bird Conservation, and San Diego Zoo Global, attached VHF radio transmitters to a harness on the legs of 10 kiwikiu before releasing them into the Nakula Natural Area Reserve, on the southern slope of Haleakalā volcano. Kiwikiu, a species of honeycreepers found only on Maui, are critically endangered. They are small, weighing less than an ounce. Fewer than 150  of these intelligent, long-lived little birds remain.

The birds — some captive-raised and some wild — were released into the forest between October 27 and October 30, 2019. By November 16, every bird was dead except the three who had succeeded in removing or disabling their transmitter. The details are shocking.

Seven wild kiwikiu were captured from the Hanawī Natural Area Reserve and transported to aviaries in the Nakula reserve on the morning of October 17 in preparation for release in the proposed new bird sanctuary. One of the birds, number WILD9, received his transmitter on October 29. He had been strong and healthy prior to that moment, but as soon as it was attached, he hopped onto the ground and stayed still on the floor. Half an hour later, he tucked his head under his wing. Bird Recovery staff then removed the transmitter, but he did not recover. He continued to sit quietly on his perch, and was found dead the next morning.

Another wild bird, number WILD10, received her transmitter on October 26. She attacked the harness holding it onto her ferociously, bit it apart, and removed it. It was found on the ground on October 28. Later on October 28, the Bird Recovery team put a new transmitter on her. On October 29, she was lethargic and not eating. On October 30, she was “fluffed and inactive.”  She was found dead on the morning of October 31.

The other five wild-captured kiwikiu were released into the Nakula reserve with their transmitters intact. WILD5 died on November 11. WILD8 died on November 5. WILD11 died on November 16. WILD7 removed his transmitter on November 8, and he was last observed, doing well, on November 12. WILD1 succeeded in disabling his transmitter the day after his release, and he was observed, doing well, with the harness still attached to his legs, on November 24. He eventually removed the harness as well and was observed again, doing well, on July 23, 2021, 632 days after his release into the forest.  

Five captive-bred kiwikiu were also part of the project. They had all been raised in bird conservation breeding centers on Maui and Hawai’i, and were between 5 and 18 years old. Two of these birds died during the two-week preparation for release, although they had thrived for years in the bird conservation centers. Bird number MP022 received his transmitter on October 29. Like WILD9, he hopped onto the ground and stayed on the floor after his transmitter was attached, but unlike WILD9 he rolled onto his side and kept on attacking the transmitter with his beak until finally he got his mandible stuck in the harness. Staff removed the transmitter and released him into the Nakula reserve without it, but he did not recover and died on November 2. Bird number MP026 was released with his transmitter on October 29 and died on November 5. Bird number MP023 was released with his transmitter on October 28, and succeeded in removing his transmitter the following day after being observed “moving on a direct path out of Nakula NAR.” Presumably he flew as far away from his captors as he could. Bird number MP027 also survived because he was not released with a transmitter. This bird had had a transmitter attached in a previous trial on April 8, and immediately lay on his back on the floor of his cage and did not move. Seeing this, staff removed his transmitter after only a few minutes. On October 23 they attached a transmitter to him again briefly but decided not to include him in the experiment and returned him to the Maui conservation center where he was still alive and well as of the date of publication of the MFBRP report on March 15, 2021.

The writers of the report attributed every kiwikiu death to malaria, despite the facts, stated in the report, that malaria had never before been found in birds in the conservation breeding centers or the Hanawī reserve where all the birds came from; that malaria had never been known to infect more than about 10 or 15 percent of any population of honeycreepers; that malaria does not kill all birds it infects and honeycreepers are known to develop resistance to it; that other parasites were also found in the birds; and that the average time from first symptoms to death for the birds in this project was “1-2 days” which is not typical of malaria. Two “large, healthy male kiwikiu” died within hours of their first signs of reduced activity. The authors of the study wrote:

“[I]t was not clear if these birds could have contracted the disease in Nakula NAR as these birds developed symptoms more rapidly than is typical and died more rapidly than has been reported for other honeycreepers.” 

They went on to speculate:

“The necropsies found parasites in multiple organ systems indicating a severe systemic infection that had moved out of the blood stream into other tissues. This could be the result of increased replication of the malaria parasite following some change in the immune system of the birds, such as in response to environmental stress.”

The environmental stress that they did not consider was the radiation from the VHF transmitters that they attached to the birds. Even after discovering that the bird who disabled his transmitter less than one day after his release was

Document de politique générale sur l'électrosmog

Conseils aux gouvernements, aux législateurs, aux organisations environnementales, aux écoles et aux responsables religieux, politiques et communautaires. Si votre organisation souhaite se joindre au soutien de ce mémoire, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel à

Document de politique générale sur l’électrosmog

Cellular Phone Task Force (Groupe de travail sur les téléphones cellulaires)


Soutenu par :

World Council for Health Antwerpen Niew Society 4.0 Three Aunties, Inc. (Floride) Ethical Environmental Consulting (Colombie-Britannique, Canada) National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation MCS Asociación Vallisoletana de Afectad@s por las Antenas de Telecomunicaciones(Espagne) Vägbrytaren (Suède) Longmont for Safe Technology (Colorado) Nailsworth 5G Action Group (UK) Teslabel Coordination (Belgique) Smart Meter Education Network PEACE School (Ontario, Canada) APNEK Tunisia Prévention des Ondes Électromagnétiques (POEM26), la Drôme, France Massachusetts for Safe Technology Interconnections (Royaume-Uni) Alliance for Microwave Radiation Accountability (New York) Toxics Information Project (Rhode Island) Rhode Islanders for Safe Technology 5G Free Rhode Island Southwest Pennsylvania for Safe Technology Asociación de Afectados de Navarra por Campos Electromagnéticos (Espagne) Families for Safe Technology (Eugene, Oregon) Le Vaud sans antennes (Suisse) Robin des Toits (France) Association pour une Espace Protégé des Ondes Hertziennes (AEPOH) (France) Folkets Strälevern (Norway) Elektrosmog a zdravie (Slovaquie)

Points clés L’étude de l’électricité devrait être réintroduite dans la biologie et la mé Les communications personnelles sans fil doivent être supprimées car les radiations qui transportent tous les messages détruisent la vie sur terre. Les téléphones portables doivent être remplacés par des téléphones fixes, le WiFi par des câbles ethernet, et les autres appareils sans fil par des appareils reliés par des fils et des câ Les antennes et les pylônes de téléphonie mobile doivent être progressivement supprimé La technologie sans fil doit être retirée des véhicules. Les compteurs intelligents doivent être remplacés par des compteurs analogiques. Les autoroutes intelligentes, les villes intelligentes et l’internet des objets doivent cesser d’être développés et déployé Le nombre, l’emplacement et la puissance des stations radar doivent être limité Les fours micro-ondes ne doivent pas être utilisés pour chauffer les aliments. Un traité international sur l’électrosmog, traitant des rayonnements sur terre, dans les océans et dans l’espace, doit être rédigé. Introduction

L’électrosmog est l’ensemble des champs électriques, des champs magnétiques et des rayonnements électromagnétiques dans lesquels nous baignons 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7 et qui proviennent de tous les appareils électriques et électroniques, des fils électriques, des lignes électriques, des appareils sans fil et des antennes. Dans le cas des communications filaires, l’information est transmise par les fils, et les champs électromagnétiques (CEM) ainsi que les rayonnements ne sont pas intentionnels. Une ingénierie appropriée permet de réduire au minimum ces champs et rayonnements non désirés.

En revanche, dans le cas de la communication sans fil, ls rayonnements sont le produit. Les rayonnements remplacent les fils dans la transmission de l’information. Sans fil signifie rayonnements. La possibilité d’utiliser un appareil mobile partout dans le monde signifie que chaque mètre carré de la terre doit être irradié à tout moment. Les appareils mobiles fonctionnent dans le spectre des micro-ondes, de sorte que la planète entière nage aujourd’hui dans une mer de radiations micro-ondes qui sont des millions à des milliards de fois plus puissantes que les radiations du soleil et des étoiles avec lesquelles la vie a évolué (1).

La vie repose non seulement sur la chimie, mais plus fondamentalement sur l’électricité (2, 3). La libre circulation des électrons est essentielle au fonctionnement de nos nerfs, de notre cœur et de notre métabolisme (3). Les interférences avec ces courants électriques provoquent des maladies neurologiques, des maladies cardiaques, des maladies métaboliques telles que le diabète et le cancer (4). Les organismes qui ont un métabolisme très élevé, comme les abeilles et d’autres insectes, sont en train de disparaître (5, 6). Des milliers d’études documentent les effets dévastateurs des rayonnements sans fil sur les mammifères, les oiseaux, les insectes, les amphibiens et les forêts (7).

Les CEM n’étant pas une substance étrangère aux êtres vivants, le modèle toxicologique ne s’applique pas et il n’y a pas de réponse correspondant à la dose : réduire la puissance ne réduit pas l’effet. Même un signal incommensurablement faible peut interférer avec le fonctionnement biologique normal (8). « Alors que le concept de débit de dose/DAS est adéquat pour décrire les effets thermiques aigus, il n’est pas applicable aux expositions chroniques aux micro-ondes sous le seuil d’échauffement thermique. » (9). Même à des niveaux de puissance proches de zéro, il a été constaté que les micro-ondes modifient la structure de l’ADN (10) et altèrent les ondes cérébrales (11). Certaines études ont même mis en évidence une réponse inverse à la dose. Lorsque la puissance du rayonnement est réduite de 1000 fois, les dommages causés à la barrière hémato-encéphalique augmentent (12). Une analyse de 113 études a montré que les rayonnements les plus faibles avaient tendance à provoquer les dommages écologiques les plus importants (5). Dans une autre analyse de 108 études expérimentales, un niveau d’exposition plus faible avait tendance à causer les dommages écologiques les plus importants ((p < 0.001) (13).

Les dommages causés à notre santé et à notre monde par les appareils sans fil et leur infrastructure sont dus non seulement aux fréquences porteuses des micro-ondes, mais aussi à la modulation et aux pulsations à basse fréquence qui véhiculent les informations transmises. « La modulation peut donc être considérée comme un contenu informatif intégré dans l’onde porteuse à haute fréquence qui peut avoir des conséquences sur la santé au-delà de l’effet direct de l’onde porteuse. »(14) Quelle que soit l’onde porteuse, la modulation est la même car elle doit transporter la même information. Par conséquent, l’utilisation de la lumière comme onde porteuse, comme c’est le cas sur de courtes distances avec le LiFi, ou l’utilisation du son comme onde porteuse, comme c’est le cas dans les océans, ne réduit pas la nocivité.

La découverte du fait qu’une seule exposition de deux heures

One million satellites planned

Number of planned low-orbit satellites NOW EXCEEDS ONE MILLION

On Sunday, SpaceX launched 23 satellites from Cape Canaveral in the morning, and 22 more from Vandenberg Air Force Base in the evening. This brought the total number of operating satellites irradiating the Earth to about 8,800.

SpaceX has been sending up satellite-laden rockets every few days this year, in its haste to satisfy an insatiable demand for bandwidth by the billions of human beings who use cell phones. But SpaceX is not the only one. Hundreds of companies are competing for a share of the global market to supply Internet from the sky to the world’s population.

On January 5, 2022, I sent out a newsletter listing 147 companies and government agencies from 34 countries that were operating, launching, or planning fleets of satellites that, if they were all launched, would total about half a million in our skies, far outnumbering the visible stars. On October 17, 2023, the journal Science, reviewing filings with the International Telecommunication Union, informed the world that the number of filings and the number of planned satellites have again more than doubled. There are more than 90 filings for constellations of over 1,000 satellites each. Twenty-three have over 5,000 satellites, and eight have over 10,000 satellites. As of December 31, 2022, the number of satellites being planned by 300 companies and governments exceeded one million. And in June, 2023, E-Space, a company based in France and founded by Greg Wyler in 2022, filed a plan for a single megaconstellation containing 116,640 satellites. E-Space had previously filed a plan, via the government of Rwanda, for an even larger constellation containing 327,320 satellites. Two days after his new filing with the ITU, Wyler clarified that “Our filing in France is in addition to our filings in Rwanda.”

Our new network, People Without Cell Phones, is more important than ever. The only way to diminish the demand for bandwidth that is turning the Earth into a giant computer, with all living beings electrocuted inside of it, is to stop using cell phones. Not to use them less frequently, but to throw them away. The ability to use them, no matter how infrequently, requires the entire planet to be irradiated. Please join our network by forming a local chapter where you live. You can set your own rules, but it is important to have meetings in person. Please contact me if you need help and let me know that you are doing it. Our goal is to establish an expanding global presence of communities that do not use cell phones. It is up to us.

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA phone: +1 505-471-0129 October 17, 2023

This newsletter is also available for viewing and sharing as a PDF, and on Substack.  This newsletter and the last 62 newsletters are available on the Newsletters page of the Cellular Phone Task Force, both in English and other languages.


This work and these newsletters are supported entirely by donations from individuals. We have no other source of funding. The Cellular Phone Task Force is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations by U.S. residents are tax-deductible. Our Tax ID Number is 11-3394550.


Global Extent of Bird Armageddon


Anders Brunstad alerted me to the installation of one of the most powerful radar stations in the world on the Varanger Peninsula in Finnmark, Norway just before tens of thousands of birds fell dead all over the peninsula. The southern and eastern coasts of the peninsula also have 4G+ and, increasingly, 5G service, added recently.

At Ekkerøy Nature Reserve, on the southern coast of the peninsula, at least 15,000 endangered kittiwakes died at the end of July and beginning of August 2023. They nest there in the summer on high cliffs where they are directly in the line of fire of the radar, which is 50 kilometers away. The restaurant at Ekkerøy was forced to close for the summer because it was “raining down” dead birds. The total population of these seabirds in Norway was only about 50,000. Dead terns and other kinds of gulls have also been collected. Half of the cranes at Ekkerøy have died.

The radar, called Globus III, was built by the United States on the island of Vardøya in Vardø, the easternmost city in Norway, which is across a bay from northern Russia. It appears to be part of a civil defense network called the Space Fence. Details about this site have been kept secret, but I found a Request for Information published on February 22, 2022 on the U.S. government’s website, It states:

This system is a one-of-a kind design which will be fielded in 2023. The program is a bi-national, collaborative specialized collection system. The GLOBUS program is a dual band ground-based radar system consisting of an S-band solid state phased array, an X-band dish antenna, an Integrated System Controller (ISC), and a Mission Communications Suite (MCS) hosted at an Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) location.”

Other Space Fence radars are located on Kwajalein Island in the Marshall Islands, and in Western Australia. These S-band (2 GHz to 4GHz) phased array radars each have 36,000 transmitting antennas, a peak power of 2.7 MW and, when focused into a narrow beam that scans the sky in all directions, a peak effective radiated power of several billion watts.

The conflagration is not confined to Finnmark, or to Norway. Last summer I reported on mass deaths of nesting seabirds in locations near new antennas in the Netherlands and France (Birds on Texel Island; Sea Birds’ Last Refuges). This summer the situation is immensely worse. The continued proliferation around the world of 4G and 5G cell towers and antennas, as well as offshore wind farms, has killed millions of wild birds on five continents, together with foxes, skunks, raccoons, fishers, badgers, martens, black bears, grizzly bears, bobcats, lynx, mountain lions, wild boar, otters, Virginia opossums, seals, penguins, and other animals.

Last year, 40% of the Dalmatian pelicans nesting in Greece died, along with 20% of those in Romania, and large numbers in Montenegro and Albania. By May 2023, more than 50,000 dead wild birds of all kinds had been reported in the United Kingdom, 40,000 in eastern Canada, and tens of thousands in the United States. By July 31, 2023, China was reporting 5,100 dead birds in Tibet. Reports of mortality have come from every state in the United States, across 129 species of birds. Huge numbers of bald eagles have died. Just in November and December 2022, more than 50,000 seabirds died along the coast of Peru, including 16,890 Peruvian pelicans and 4,324 brown boobies, both endangered in Peru. In Chile, as of January 1, 2023, perhaps 10,000 seabirds had died, including pelicans, kelp gulls, Belcher’s gulls, grey gulls, guanay cormorants, Peruvian boobies, elegant terns, and turkey vultures.

On May 9, 2023, the Chilean government reported the deaths of 27,977 seabirds, and on July 21, 2023, the Peruvian government reported the deaths of 519,541 seabirds. These represented birds of 65 species. In addition, Chile reported the deaths of 2,517 Humboldt penguins, 460 Magellanic penguins, 16,856 sea lions, and smaller numbers of dolphins, porpoises, otters and other kinds of seals, while Peru reported the deaths of 9,314 sea lions and 100 other sea mammals. According to a report by the OFFLU, a global network of expertise on animal influenza, Chile has lost at least 13% of its Humboldt penguins, Peru has lost at least 36% of its Peruvian pelicans, and Chile and Peru together have lost at least 9% of their sea lions.

Ornithologists are all blaming this catastrophe on avian influenza, in spite of the fact that most of the dead birds are testing negative for any influenza virus, and the ones that test positive have all different variants of the virus so could not be transmitting it to one another, let alone to bears and penguins. For example, 233 dead birds were examined for flu virus by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute between August 14 and October 1, 2023. They found highly pathogenic H5N1 virus in 8 birds, highly pathogenic H5N5 in 2 birds, highly pathogenic H5Nx (other subtypes) in 2 birds, low pathogenic H5Nx in 6 birds, “other Influenza A virus” in 8 birds, and no virus at all in 207 birds.

Yet the United States is already stockpiling a vaccine against H5N1 in case it spreads to human beings and causes a pandemic.

The disappearance of bugs has also been in the news. Dr. Norman Leppla, a professor of entomology at the University of Florida, said that state’s lovebug infestation has completely vanished. They used to come in massive numbers in the spring and fall around May and September with a little variation depending on if you are in the northern or southern part of the state. “It’s not subtle, they’re really not here this season,” he said in an interview published October 5, 2023. But no one is blaming that on “avian influenza.”

Wind farms are also devastating birds, as documented by German scientists in an article published in Nature

Humans, bees and wildlife in 2023

HUMANS, BEES AND WILDLIFE IN 2023 1 Babies are being killed by hospitals

A correspondent in North Carolina sent me this account a few days ago of a healthy newborn who was irradiated nearly to death by the hospital environment: 

“I want to relate what happened to my Goddaughter’s baby brother at the Duke Medical Center earlier this spring. Baby Emiliano was born in excellent health, but when I returned 12 hours later, he had been moved to a different room and I became concerned because I myself developed dizziness, tremor, and headache within about 5 minutes of visiting his room.

“I knew to check my RF meter because these are microwave sickness symptoms which I get when the RF levels are high. The Cornet measurements hovered between 11 and 15 milliwatts per square meter! Personally I need the RF levels below about 0.006 milliwatts per square meter, so I can’t imagine what it was doing to an infant who was only 12 hours old. When I opened the curtains I noticed there was a round 5G pole outside on the street; also straight out of his hospital window you could see a rooftop cell array that looked like several large white panels on top of another hospital building across a small green quad. You could see them clearly because the other building was shorter, which meant that the roof panels lined up horizontally nearer to the level of the baby’s window.

“By day 3, Emiliano had developed jaundice and soon was put in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which also had very high radiation levels. While on that unit, his jaundice numbers continued to climb, and he developed a rash. I found it interesting because I developed a rash too. I developed a butterfly rash across my face and the baby had a full-body rash on one side of his body. I told the nurse that I had a 5G rash, just like the baby. She had no clue what I was talking about. She explained that lots of babies get this rash, but they don’t know what causes it.

“After several more days in the Duke Main NICU his condition continued to worsen. I was forcing myself to visit him in the hospital, despite my being horribly sick there, because I am very close with the family. My own rash would return along with the dizziness, tremor and headache every time I visited. These would go away within 12-24 hours of leaving the hospital and returning home. The baby had to stay in the radiation, though.

“After many more days in the NICU, being irradiated 24/7, the baby developed a staph infection near his tiny fingernail. The infection began spreading down his finger and they were talking about amputating his finger. By then, I had been working for days to persuade his mother to have him transferred to Duke Regional, a smaller hospital in the northern part of the city, and finally she asked to transfer him. My reason is that I knew that Regional had much lower RF levels based on her prior visit there during early contractions when she had stayed overnight and background radiation levels in the room were between 0.003 and 0.01. (Durham Regional is in a less affluent part of town, with lower-tech overall.) They transferred the baby by helicopter and the baby’s health improved immediately. Within 48 hours of being transferred away from the high radiation at Duke Medical, the rash improved dramatically, the jaundice scores declined, and the staph infection began to improve.

“The radiation levels at Regional were about a thousand times lower than at Duke Main. Also at Duke Regional there were no visible 5G poles or roof arrays outside the baby’s windows. The baby recovered fully there and is home now.”

2 Cancer in young people is skyrocketing

A review of cancer statistics in young people in 44 countries has been published by an international team of scientists. The rate of cancer in people under 50, they found, has increased dramatically in every one of those countries. The study, published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, is titled “Is early-onset cancer an emerging global epidemic?” The authors speculate on various possible causes for this epidemic, including diet, lifestyle, obesity, the microbiome, and genetic susceptibilities, but are forced to conclude there is no evidence that any of these factors have caused the global increase. There is one mention of ionizing radiation in a single sentence, and no mention whatsoever of RF radiation.

Investigative journalist Felice Freyer interviewed two of the study’s authors as well as six other cancer specialists from Harvard, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Tufts University about the results of that study. I mailed her a copy of my book along with the following letter:

“I read with interest your article of July 22, 2023 in the Boston Globe titled “Rise in cancer among younger people worries and puzzles doctors.” I also read the Nature Reviews paper referred to in your article (‘Is early-onset cancer an emerging global epidemic?’).

“I too have been following the increase in certain cancers in young people, but in relation to a very specific environmental factor: radio frequency (RF) radiation from the cell phones younger people have been carrying much of their lives. There is extensive literature on this connection, including a plausible causative mechanism. I believe exposure to wireless technology, especially cell phones, is the cause of much if not most of the recent rise in cancer in young people.

“Supplementary Table 1 in the Nature Reviews study lists trends of 13 types of cancer in 44 countries. The types of cancer with a rising trend in at least 75% of those countries are cancers of precisely the organs most heavily irradiated by cell phones:

breast colorectal thyroid prostate endometrial kidney

“During use, cell phones are held either right next to the thyroid gland or

Remembering Paul Brodeur


Copyright 1977

Paul Brodeur, a former staff writer for the New Yorker magazine, died on August 2, 2023. He was the author of the pioneering book, The Zapping of America, which he published in 1977. It was the first book I ever read on the subject of microwave radiation. Nobody had cell phones at that time. The first personal computers did not come on the market until that year. But Brodeur had bought property on Cape Cod, which he discovered was going to be directly in the path of the most powerful radar facility in the world.

It was an early warning radar station, and the United States was building two of them, one on the east coast and one on the west. They were called PAVE PAWS (Precision Acquisition of Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System). They were going to emit 3-billion-watt phased array microwave beams that would scan the entire east and west coasts of the country to detect and warn against nuclear missiles. Brodeur did an investigation, and what he discovered about microwave radiation, and what was about to happen to this country, astonished him. Those radar stations were built and are still in operation today. And most people have forgotten they are there. But they emit phased array microwave radiation just like 5G cell phones and antennas.

In 1989, Brodeur wrote another book titled Currents of Death: Power Lines, Computer Terminals, and the Attempts to Cover Up Their Threat to Your Health. Computer screens were causing asthma, cataracts, miscarriages, birth defects, and skin problems. Until 1977, when the first personal computers were sold, rates of asthma had steadily declined year after year in the United States. In 1977, rates of asthma suddenly started to rise, and have been rising ever since. Brodeur exposed the hazards of computer screens in 1989. Most people have forgotten this too.

A new global network of local chapters called People Without Cell Phones has been launched to make sure that Brodeur’s life and work, and the lives and work of other pioneers of his generation, were not in vain. Today, 46 years after The Zapping of America was published, the world is still pretending that radiation is harmless, and that asthma, and brain tumors, and diabetes, and heart disease, and cancer, are caused by something else. And everyone carries around a cell phone, day and night. We are going to grow a worldwide network of people who are throwing them away. The Earth is dying. Insects have largely disappeared. Birds are falling dead out of the sky by the millions. The purpose of this network is not to place blame. It is to establish a presence in this world of people living, and teaching others how to live, as if life on Earth will continue. It has been launched together with a Policy Brief on Electrosmog, to which so far 29 organizations in 10 countries have signed on in support — organizations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and Tunisia. The time for baby steps is over. It is time to do what is necessary without fear, without reservations, and without accusations.

The New Mexico chapter of People Without Cell Phones had its founding meeting, in person, three days ago, on August 19. It was attended by a medical doctor, several building biologists, a photographer, and others. All but two do not own cell phones, and the others plan to get rid of theirs. We established a feeling of community which people have been hungering for, and we began to discuss ways to talk about this to others, support one another, and work toward a world with:

no more radiation no more brain tumors restored health and vitality birds, bees and butterflies living as if life on Earth will continue

Please join our network by forming a chapter of People Without Cell Phones in your city, state, or country. Let us know that you are doing this by sending us an email.

Arthur Firstenberg President, Cellular Phone Task Force Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life P.O. Box 6216 Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA phone: +1 505-471-0129 August 22, 2023

This work is supported entirely by donations from individuals. The Cellular Phone Task Force is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations by U.S. residents are tax-deductible. Our Tax ID Number is 11-3394550.


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First-ever Policy Brief on Electrosmog Issued


Media Contact: Kathleen Burke +1 505-255-0103 calls only


with guidance to governments, legislators, environmental organizations, schools, and religious, political and community leaders.


SANTA FE, N.M. – A growing list of environmental organizations worldwide are supporting a first-ever Policy Brief on Electrosmog for global application. The brief defines electrosmog as “the totality of the electric fields, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation that bathes us 24/7 from all electrical and electronic devices, electric wires, power lines, and wireless devices and antennas.”

The document was developed in response to an emergency situation in which the irradiation of the earth is accelerating at such a rapid rate that it has become the single most urgent threat to life. The recommended actions to political leaders, government agencies, etc. provide a path to health and survival.

The document opens with key points, an introduction, and a purpose statement. It proceeds to essential actions that should be taken in order to counter this threat to our future, and concludes with a list of scientific references. It outlines elements of a suggested international treaty as well as actions that should be taken by governments, schools, churches, environmental organizations and others to address this emergency. The policy brief addresses radiation on land, in the oceans, and in space, and includes recommendations about wireless technologies, radar, and satellites.

Most governments defer for guidance on electrosmog to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) or the World Health Organization, which also defers to ICNIRP. ICNIRP is not an environmental agency but rather “a self-appointed private organization with 14 members answerable to no one”. The policy brief prescribes that “RF radiation should be regulated transparently within each nation by their own environmental agencies based on the totality of science. It should be addressed within the UN not by the World Health Organization, but by the United Nations Environment Program, which presently does not address it at all”.

The lead author of the Policy Brief on Electrosmog, Arthur Firstenberg, is an American author who is educated in mathematics, physics, and medicine, and is the author of two books on this subject: The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life (White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green 2020), published in 11 languages, and Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution (NY: Cellular Phone Task Force 1997). He can be reached at


Electrosmog Policy Brief

Guidance to governments, legislators, environmental organizations, schools, and religious, political and community leaders. If your organization wishes to join in supporting this brief, please email us.

Key Points The study of electricity should be restored to biology and medicine. Personal wireless communication must be phased out because the radiation that carries all the messages is destroying life on earth. Mobile phones must be replaced with landline phones, WiFi with ethernet cables, and other wireless consumer devices with devices connected by wires and cables. Mobile phone antennas and masts must be phased out and removed. Wireless technology must be removed from vehicles. Smart meters must be replaced with analog meters. Smart highways, smart cities, and the Internet of Things must cease being developed and deployed. Radar stations must be limited in number, location and power. Radar (microwave) ovens should not be used for heating food. An international treaty on electrosmog, addressing radiation on land, in the oceans, and in space, must be drafted. Introduction

Electrosmog is the totality of the electric fields, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation that bathes us 24/7 from all electrical and electronic devices, electric wires, power lines, and wireless devices and antennas. With wired communication, information is transmitted via the wires, and the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiation are unintentional. Proper engineering can reduce these unwanted fields and radiation to a minimum.

By contrast, with wireless communication, the radiation is the product. Radiation substitutes for wires in transmitting information. Wireless means radiation. The ability to use a mobile device everywhere on earth means that every square meter of the earth must be irradiated at all times. Mobile devices operate in the microwave spectrum, with the result that the entire planet is now swimming in a sea of microwave radiation that is millions to billions of times stronger than the radiation from the sun and stars with which life evolved (1).

Life is based not only on chemistry but more fundamentally on electricity (2, 3). The unimpeded flow of electrons is essential to the functioning of our nerves, heart, and metabolism (3). Interference with these electric currents causes neurological diseases, heart disease, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, and cancer (4). Organisms that have a very high metabolism, such as bees and other insects, are being wiped out (5, 6). Thousands of studies document the devastating effects of wireless radiation on mammals, birds, insects, amphibians, and forests (7).

Because EMFs are not a foreign substance to living beings, a toxicology model does not apply and there is not a dose response: reducing the power does not reduce the effect. Even a signal that is almost immeasurably weak can interfere with normal biological functioning (8). “While the dose rate/SAR concept is adequate for description of acute thermal effects, it is not applicable for chronic exposures to N[on]T[hermal] M[icro]W[aves].” (9). Even at near-zero power levels, microwave radiation has been found to change the structure of DNA (10) and alter brain waves (11). Some studies have even found an inverse dose response. When the power of the radiation was reduced 1000-fold, damage to the blood-brain barrier increased (12). A review of 113 studies found that radiation with the lowest power tended to cause the greatest ecological damage (5). In another review of 108 experimental studies, a lower exposure level tended to have a greater biological effect, and the difference was highly significant (p < 0.001) (13).

The damage done to our health and our world by wireless devices and their infrastructure is caused not only by the microwave carrier frequencies, but also by the low-frequency modulation and pulsations that carry the transmitted information. “Thus modulation can be considered as information content embedded in the higher frequency carrier wave that may have health consequences beyond any effect from the carrier wave directly” (14). No matter what the carrier wave, the modulation is the same because it has to carry the same information. Therefore using light as the carrier wave, as is being done over short distances with LiFi, or using sound as the carrier wave, as is being done in the oceans, does not reduce the harm.

The finding that only a single two-hour exposure to a mobile phone during their lifetime, even when the power of the phone was reduced 100-fold, caused permanent brain damage in young rats (15) makes it likely that we are raising, and perhaps have already raised, a generation of children with brain damage. There is no question but that this must cease, and that cell phones are not safe at any power level, at any distance from the head, and for any duration.

Purpose of This Document

This policy brief provides an overview of an immediate threat to life on earth—even more immediate than climate change—that has been allowed to get completely out of control because it has been completely ignored. The source of the threat is a technology to which everyone has become addicted, and which, during the past two and a half decades, has become firmly entrenched in every aspect of life. Although more scientific studies have been published on the health and environmental effects of EMFs than on almost any other pollutant except for mercury and tobacco smoke, the impact of all this research upon public policy to date has been zero. Average citizens still do not even know that a mobile device emits radiation. Much less do they suspect that it is causing them brain damage or threatening their life and their future on this planet. The purpose of this brief is to outline actions that are required to be taken by political leaders, religious leaders, environmental organizations, public schools, medical schools and doctors to educate the public and to begin to dismantle this existential threat to the earth.

Essential Actions Required by National and International Leaders and Organizations

I. An International Treaty or Convention on Electrosmog must be adopted by all nations

The number of antennas and their distance from people