Donated Artwork

Reefka Schneider is an artist who lives in the Rio Grande Valley on the Texas-Mexico border. The theme of much of her art is border culture, and she and her husband have recently published a book of words and pictures on that subject called Borderlines (

Reefka wishes to contribute to our cause and will donate to us the proceeds of any paintings or drawings that we sell. All of the pictures are framed. The available pieces, and their prices, are below. For those who live in Santa Fe, beginning May 1, aSea Gallery, 407 S. Guadalupe St., will be displaying some of these paintings and drawings for us. For more information, call Arthur at (505) 471-0129, or Monika Steinhoff at aSea Gallery at (505) 660-1509. You can read more about Reefka and her work at